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Imagine Miracle Moringa Poster

by July 25, 2012

Micro-financing/contributions to kickstart international trade in moringa to benefit rural communities in Zambia and Malawi

by July 19, 2012
Malawi village IRDI

Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) is committed to empowering rural communities in Zambia and other parts of Africa to develop in a sustainable manner through social enterprise initiatives, with moringa as the cornerstone initiative. Our partner rural communities grow moringa crops so they can earn an income to improve their livelihoods and as an important [...] Read more »

IRDI and Doversity Live on education – online radio interview

by May 9, 2012

Why isn’t our current educational paradigm working? What can we do to re-enable both effective education for us and especially for our children? Join with an expert from the Imagine Rural Development Initiative in Zambia, Steven Putter and Doversity Live as they speak about the past, present, and future of education. Listen to [...] Read more »

Power to empower!

by December 9, 2011

The IRDI Moringa Women’s Group needs your support to help them achieve their goal of financial sustainability through the IRDI skills-training program in moringa cultivation in Zambia. Your donations and support will help cover the women’s living expenses during their 6-month training program. The women will receive 100% of the donations made to this [...] Read more »

Live interview with the IRDI Moringa Women’s Group – Sat 3 Dec!

by December 2, 2011

Join us Saturday morning at 7am GMT (9am CAT) when Crossfire speaks to Steven Putter and the IRDI Moringa Women’s Group from Imagine Rural Development Initiative. This is a great opportunity to hear about IRDI’s projects and from the women who form part of the IRDI Moringa Women’s Group, where they will tell their stories, [...] Read more »

IRDI seeks Social Enterprise Business Development Consultant

by November 24, 2011

Social Enterprise Business Development Consultant (Short-term assignment/contract position) Background Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation, working to empower people and communities in Zambia toward sustainable and environmentally-sound development through the provision of resources and skills training to improve livelihoods and enhance access to quality nutrition, water, shelter, education, health, information technology [...] Read more »

Helping 30 local Zambian women create their own business!

by November 14, 2011

Imagine Rural Development Initiative is providing skills-training in moringa cultivation to 30 previously unemployed local Zambian women. This skills-training program forms part of IRDI’s Moringa project, which aims to empower local Zambians through the sustainable production of moringa, an affordable and highly-nourishing superfood, to fight malnutrition, improve health and eradicate poverty. We are providing [...] Read more »

Report back on Zambia Inclusive Business Workshop held on 12 October 2011

by November 8, 2011
Steven Putter of IRDI, a successful recipient of the IAP small grant, explains the Moringa outgrower scheme.

In October 2011, Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) attended a joint event between the Business Innovation Facility and Innovations Against Poverty in Lusaka. As a successful recipient of the IAP small grant, IRDI was asked to present their inclusive business project ‘The IRDI Moringa Project‘ at the event, attended by both prospective and successful IAP [...] Read more »

Active Development

by October 27, 2011

Loads has been happening since our last update, and great strides have been made. The IRDI Moringa Women’s Group who form part of the propagation and planting team are doing really well and their enthusiasm is astounding to say the least. We have been working with them and between us all we have come up [...] Read more »

Liberation, the African way!

by September 30, 2011

This morning we discovered the hosepipe & sprayer, which we use to irrigate the moringa plantation, was stolen (or liberated, as is politically correct when referring to theft on the African continent). The theft took place late last night, after we were all asleep, and the thief (or liberator) also took the liberty of pulling [...] Read more »