IRDI Wisdom Council

IRDI Wisdom Council (IWC)

IWC = Solving Complex Problems by evoking Collective Intelligence.
In an increasingly complex, dynamic, interdependent and unpredictable world, it is no longer possible for one person to figure it all out.
When faced with complex decisions, we need a diversity of perspectives, co-creation and collaboration.

Modelled after old native wisdom cultures, we install an IRDI Wisdom Council (IWC) as tool for developing enlightened communities and inspired organizations in general and for IRDI in particular.
The IWC is a tool for enhancing collective intelligence of its members in favor for the IRDI community.
The main task of the members of the IWC will be to guard the purpose and boundaries of IRDI.

The IRDI Wisdom Council is a way to facilitate IRDI to become more informed, competent, creative and collaborative, and to address key issues wisely, reach unanimous conclusions, and speak with one voice. The task of the IWC is ongoing, so it structurally affects the strategic thinking and deciding process of IRDI.
The IWC adds a creative whole-system conversation to grow and evolve IRDI wisely.
In analogy to the wisdom cultures: the IWC is a group of wise elders functioning as servant leaders/advisers for IRDI.

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Brief bio Prof. Bert van Lamoen.
Evolutionary/Transformational Architect.

My passion:
* To seed, grow and evolve inspired organizations and enlightened communities by the new paradigm of emergent change and capacity building.
* To co-create new higher education for the 21st Century.
Re-inventing education, not new schooling. We’re developing GALE=Generative Action-Learning Expedition.

* Over 25 years of experience in both the world of international business and teaching at and developing business schools all over the world.
My main topic as adjunct/associate professor and B-school developer: How to do business/act in the new knowledge (network/creative) economy / entrepreneurship and innovation.
International business, Strategy, Organizational design, change management, organizational behaviour, CSR/sustainability and social entrepreneurship.
Lead thinker on the application of emergent change and complexity.

* 35 years ago I was part of the first real innovation in higher (integrative) education in Europe; with more than 40 star professors including Noble prize winners; having studied and worked with paradigm changers like I. Prigogine (science of complexity), E. Jantsch (system dynamics), F.A. Popp: I feel at home with paradigm change.

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December 14, 2011
4:20 pm

We are glad to announce the IRDI Wisdom Council (IWC)!

Steven Putter
December 14, 2011
5:06 pm

Welcome Professor Bert van Lamoen, we are honored that you have chosen our organization as your platform for the WC and to work in synergy with us on Ecological Sustainable Economic Development, restructuring educational models and Whole Systems Design and implementation.
it will be a magnificent journey im sure getting the great minds together involved on a project of this scale where the collective wisdom can be applied on the ground! welcome!

December 16, 2011
2:20 pm

Great initiative! Kudos.

One tiny suggestion, the link attached to ‘collective intelligence’ links to an old page. The updated page/link is

Best wishes,

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