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Urban Sustainable Development Getting Go Ahead

by September 25, 2012
Lusaka Aquaponics

IRDI Urban training Center We have been allocated the land for the  Urban Training center, for an update the project plan is included here Business & feasibility overview Aquaponics BY STEVEN PUTTER ON AUGUST 2, 2012 Business and feasibility overview for Zambia-based Sub-Saharan Africa development model Maximum return on investment, capitalizing on an Aquaponic [...] Read more »

Rape, Education & Sterile Environments

by May 30, 2012
Painful memory

There is a lot of investigation into the battle of education to get the standards up, there is more and more criticism about standards, and that concerns is global, as much in the first world as it is in developing countries. What and where does this problem come from, is it the curriculum, standardized testing or the teachers themselves, maybe it [...] Read more »


by May 29, 2012

There is so many misconceptions about permaculture, and so much marketing disinformation on oil based fertilizers and pesticides that i just felt the need to share this with our IRDI audience. The need to re-look the way we doing things, not so much as taking profit out of food production as making it way more affordable. In our education system the art [...] Read more »

Every-Yes every-Child Will Read

by May 27, 2012
Yes every child chall read poster

There is a very interesting and dynamic group that is getting into the DO-flow with very interesting skill sets, very clear vision, very focused on outcome, very flexible and adaptable to  potential in the now, well versed in logic and reason, very busy in their perspective fields (most of them :) some are “retired”) and yet is [...] Read more »

Education, Nutrition & Moringa

by May 10, 2012
Image for Education, Nutrition & Moringa

How a brain works and what makes it tick has always intrigued and mesmerized researchers. All progress and regression in our life can be easily attributed to the way our brain works, thinks, deduces, reasons, concludes, etc. Life starts at conception, and until the eighth week it is known as embryo. From eighth week onwards, [...] Read more »

IRDI and Doversity Live on education – online radio interview

by May 9, 2012

Why isn’t our current educational paradigm working? What can we do to re-enable both effective education for us and especially for our children? Join with an expert from the Imagine Rural Development Initiative in Zambia, Steven Putter and Doversity Live as they speak about the past, present, and future of education. Listen to [...] Read more »

Waters Edge a World First

by May 7, 2012

Water’s Edge is located 300 kilometres north east of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, in the pristine South Luangwa valley along the Great East road that leads to Malawi, in the Sub Sahara region and incorporated into the SADC group of countries. The current status of Water’s Edge is a 18,000 hectare (45,000 acre) private hunting farm with 30 [...] Read more »

Basic Human Rights

by May 5, 2012
Starving child

The world is truly awash with the words “Basic Human Rights”. There is talk everywhere of it, politicians use it endlessly, unions even more so, there are literally millions of people that advocate for it if not billions, there are thousands upon thousands of NPO’s and NGO’s on a crusade for Basic Human Rights. There is hardly a day that goes by on any one of the thousands of TV and Radio stations where somewhere during the day they are not discussing it. International organizations such as the UN, World Bank, IMF and the World Health Organization print big banners about this and pay millions of dollars in advertising and to host conferences about it.

Maybe Just Maybe

by May 3, 2012
Fetus eart

ScienceDaily (May 2, 2012) — Loss of biodiversity appears to impact ecosystems as much as climate change, pollution and other major forms of environmental stress, according to a new study from an international research team. As a species we are stumbling blindly due to a model of separation based on nationality with no coherent system of monitoring or [...] Read more »

Free Range Children

by May 1, 2012
Tantrum child

What is parenting but the preparation for a child to function in the world after childhood? Indeed that will hold true for formal for education as well! It is interesting to see the pendulum swing  between mercy and severity when it comes to parenting styles of parents, in relation to their own upbringing. The parenting style most often is [...] Read more »