Community Model

Building Sustainable Communities

1st Stage

* Environmental assessment
* Needs analysis
* Human resource assessment

2nd Stage

* Potential matrix for community using locally available resources
* Facilitate open circle of discussion for projects to be initiated by the community
* Establish funding needs for each phase of projects
* Establish community leadership group and community representatives and co-ordinators
* Set up teams for training
* Training and commencement of projects

3rd Stage

* Fundraising by IRDI for the project
* Marketing of produce, products and services
* Networking: skills exchange, volunteers (local & international)
* Establishing local and export market potential for surplus produce from projects

4th Stage

* Assessment structure and timeline for goals and aims of the community
* Hand over project to the community and establish regular meetings and AGM’s.

IRDI functions as the link between:

* Local communities and local business
* Local communities and local government
* Local communities and international communities
* Local communities and international business.