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by on May 3, 2012

ScienceDaily (May 2, 2012) — Loss of biodiversity appears to impact ecosystems as much as climate change, pollution and other major forms of environmental stress, according to a new study from an international research team.

As a species we are stumbling blindly due to a model of separation based on nationality with no coherent system of monitoring or design. We are engaged in economic and political power-play, a fight for unsustainable resources, a religious war rearing its head between Islam and Christianity and to top it all off have done more damage to the biosphere in the last 10 years than in the whole history of humanity. We are waging wars on the trivial and sometimes I wonder if it is a self protection mechanism to prevent us from seeing the truth that is staring us right in the face at this moment of human history.

The facts are clear, we as a species have created a situation where we have  to stop, stop to think, stop to address the major issues that can and are potentially affecting us as a species. This is a very small planet indeed, we as individuals tent to look at it from our personal perspective that stretch about as far as we can see, and for the ones being a little more engaged as far as our national interest lies. This small perspective of a “large planet” can and might be the undoing of a sustainable abundant planet for our future generation.
The fact is that there is no back or front yard on a round little planet this size, your backyard is just someone else’s front yard and your front yard is just somebody else’s backyard. As a species we can not afford this separatist viewpoint anymore. I am not and i repeat not a doomsday advocate, but that does not mean that I can not see and connect the dots that is steering us down a path that just might produce the condition of a planet that can not sustain human life in the future.
What is scientifically correct as far as global warming is concerned or not is really not where the focus should rest, neither if or if not we are going to run out of oil, for that matter it is not even important if we are going to divert a major meltdown in the Japan Fukushima plant where 4 reactors might just be the end to the majority of humanity and the planet as we know it, neither if a meteorite is going to devastate the earth.
Yes the collective intelligence should come together and Japan should realize that even being a sovereign nation, that do not have the right to put the rest of humanity in danger, as all nation need to learn. Where the impact or potential impact as with Japan and the Fukushima disaster now, and the Gulf oil spill that has depleted the world food resources dramatically or the war mongering and standoffs and nuclear threat in the Northern hemisphere is concerned, the need is becoming more and more clear that there should be systems checks and balances in place that supersede all other interest, that we have to urgently put in place a framework and system, a control and a overall veto for anything that can effect the species well-being as a whole.

At the end of the day, every human being and every parent has this right, it can not be subjected to a nation or even indeed pacts of nations, neither can it be subjected to special interest groups or the now famous lobbyist. There is no blame that can be carried from the past, we have all as individuals and nations played a part in creating the current reality and it does not even matter who played what part, what is important is where we are going to put our focus in order to take the next best step for us as a species, for you and for me, what systems do we need in place to make this happen and how fast can it happen if we can collectively decide to just do what is right for us as a species.

There is a lot of people that will say this is impossible, but it is not, the technology exist and the infrastructure is there, the awareness level of people is up to date and the information is there for everyone to tap into. There is no lack of will, not from the average parent, and most of are or plan to be. I am a firm believer in the “KISS” principle, “Keep It Simple Stupid” as im just an average person with the same hopes dreams and fears as all the other people on this planet and indeed as all the other parents on this planet.
There is a world ready to be born, a new kind of humanity with new logical systems that is species centered. This is my humble suggestion and it is something that  our group is personally working towards, it has our full attention, focus and will invested. This is to give every human a voice so that the world as a whole can hear it, impossible you would say again and i will say again it is not.
There is no place on this planet inhabited by man that is not a school district, if there is we dont need to worry about it, as it will be sustainable and ecologically in balance with its natural environment, but where man has an impact there will be a school. Every school has a district that it serves, for a fraction of the cost of war globally one school in every district can be brought onto the virtual platform in a bidirectional communication system, today it can be done inexpensively, there are literary millions of schools that already have this capacity. We have to learn as a species that the more we do things in the shadows the more corruption there is. Today within communities it is easy for us to go to the local school as a community ones a month, raise and log our concerns as far as sustainable abundance for our children is concerned, offer solutions and if none available log for help from the collective intelligence, vote for solutions to be implemented and this can be done in a transparent three way verifiable way! Within communities that can take place by the age old show of hands, a paper vote as well as a digital vote, because this is community orientated the opportunity for voter fraud is totally eliminated.

What can be achieved if one school in every community becomes a community resource center rather than just another school, where the school can actually become a data input center for the ecological current real time state of the community, most of this information can be integrated very easily with great benefit to the community as well as to the student in the actual lesson plans, bringing life to education and education back to life. This will help us in a two fold way, collecting the data that we need for biosphere management and design as well as correcting problems that gets highlighted as now you will have a early warning system of what is happening ecologically in every community on the planet, the super computers is their but needs to be put to better use than to try and capture everyone tweet and email, this information can then be integrated for interpretations by the best minds we have in the world, practically bringing that expertise to the actual earth in every community and the data of every piece of earth to the collective intelligence.

The biosphere is manageable, the technology is there and we believe that the vision and the will is there, and anyone can start, right there in your community, you have the impact, the power and the resources to initiate the change needed for the security and sustainable abundance for the future of our children today, lets talk, lets coordinate and lets make it happen, beyond politics, beyond religion, beyond nationality, just as individuals that loves our children enough to realize it is our priority!

If you want to become involved, if you want to share information, want information about what you can do, if you want a better understanding of how to give the next step, or information on what to implement in your community to bring well-being to the future, feel free to engage, does not matter what religion, political orientation, race, sexual preference or what ever other differences there may be, they are not important, its just our future and the future of our children that’s important.
Thank you for taking this time to read this and feel free to engage and challenge, a collective vision, logic and reason is all we need to do the best that we can do!

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