Goal: Planting 40 000 Moringa trees in 24 months

by on November 5, 2010

How does one tackle a project this size? Being deaf to all the nay-sayers, who are spectators in most of what is happening in life, is a good attribute in this situation, and like all journeys it starts with the first step, or tree in this case. This year Imagine Rural Development Initiative is putting mother plants into the ground, buying young trees from the local growers, planting them in plantations and propagating trees from seeds. In roughly six months time all these Moringa trees will be ready to  give us cuttings that will speed up the propagation process as well as late 2011 seeds.

We hope to buy in locally produced trees from the local growers which are being sold for $2.50 per tree, approximately 30 to 40 cm in height. We have planted 36 Moringa trees to date and are doing tests to see what methods work best. So far the trees are doing well and we picked up growth of up to 10cm in 3 weeks, including the time that the tree goes into shock from being transplanted and we are sure that we can better the growth rate in the future.

The seeds we started off with were donated and hence the condition of the seeds up to planting was not monitored or controlled,. We did however achieve a germination rate of 50% on the dot, above my expectation, and from that batch we cultivated 101 Moringa plants which are doing very well. From the second batch we planted, 9 trees have already broken ground and are doing very well. We’ve been hunting down local seeds to buy out to get as many mother trees as possible into the ground before 2011, as that is where our 24 month time frame starts ticking down and there is no option for failure.

We have further taken the option on 2 lovely trees and for $70 dollars we have bought all the seed pods. With this we will be able to grow roughly 4500 trees, so for all practical reasons our goal is very achievable, and with small donations from you, the readers and supporters, we can stimulate the market and get more people planting these trees in rural communities and train the locals how to propagate and harvest.

With a collective effort we believe that it is possible to wipe out malnutrition in Zambia in 4 years time and Sub-Saharan Africa in 8 years. It will make a big difference in the figure of between 20,000 and 30,000 children dying each day of hunger-related diseases.

So as long as we have breath, and the seeds are coming up, with each day being full of potential and with a bit of help from a couple of people to get the mother plants into the ground, this miracle tree called Moringa can give many people more hope, a better life or even just a life.. Come and have fun with us watching them grow and making the world a little better today!

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